Section 3 – Peer Learning Group Presentation

My Peer Learning Group consisted of myself, Evie Mcmahon, Tanisha Todd, Jenna Howes and Lance Mitchell. We were tasked with coming together and discussing each of our internship experiences. We were then to reflect on similarities and/or differences we felt we shared between us and present our findings to the class.

We decided to base our presentation on the skills we felt we had utilised and developed, each in different aspects, during our internships. These skills included Time-management, Communication, Confidence, IT skills and Professionalism. Each skill applied to us in different ways, which we tried to explain in our presentation.

We did create a PowerPoint to go with our presentation, however we tried not to include too much information on our slides so we were not just reading off the screen.


Section 4 – Evidence 3

download (6)

When we first started the Business Management Internship Module, we were asked to rate ourselves from 1 to 4 on how we felt our level of expertise was for different knowledge and skills. At this point, I wasn’t very confident in my ability at all and the highest I managed to rate myself was a 3 which was considered “good”.

During our last lecture we were then asked to reflect on our previous ratings and come up with new ones to see if we had improved at all. We were to take into consideration what we had learnt during our time spent, both in class and within our internships. My results changed to my lowest rating then being a 3! This proved that I had learnt a lot over the course of the module, even if it hadn’t felt like it. I feel this was due to the real life work experience we had been given as part of the module, leaving me much more confident in entering the world of work on my own.

Section 4 – Evidence 2

SarahPetrieProfile (2)

I have decided to create a Linked In profile in order to expand my business networks and discover new career prospects in relation to my desired field. I have done this in the hope that, when it comes to graduating, I will already have established an up-to-date profile which should be appealing to potential employers who might take Linked In into consideration when recruiting.

I have tried my best to make my profile seem as professional as I can and I have included details about myself such as present and previous employment and work experience, my education history, my key skills and my interests. At the moment, I do not have many followers or people to network with, however hopefully by the time I come to use my Linked In profile, this will have changed.

Section 4 – Evidence 1

I completed the prospects career assessment to find out which job my personality is most suited to. My results really shocked me as I have never even heard of an environmental health practitioner! After researching the job title, I have come to the conclusion that it is not something I am keen on making a career out of. My second top match, however, makes more sense. As I have explained in my reflective summary, I would love for my future career to benefit the lives of others and really make a difference. A family support worker is a perfect example of this and this position being 94% suited to me has really made me consider a job relative to this in future.


Section 4 – Careers Interview

Career Interview

For the last section of our portfolios we were asked to interview and take notes on someone who has chosen a career we are interested in. I decided to interview my mum who works as a Senior Officer of Social Care Contracts team, within Dundee City Council. I am not actually sure what job I would like to pursue in future, however, my mum and her lifestyle as a result of doing a job she thoroughly enjoys really inspires me. Although this is a very specific sector which my mum is working in and despite not being set on being exactly where my mum is when I am her age, a “person centred” job is something which I really aspire to have in future.

Section 4 – Targeted CV and Covering Letter

Cover Letter


Job advert

As part of our “next steps and action planning” section of the module, we were asked to create a CV and covering letter and target them to a job which appealed to us. I chose to base mines on a UK Sales Internship with Procter & Gamble, an American multinational corporation that manufacture a wide range of consumer goods. I chose this as I felt I was very well suited to the role, having already existing retail and sales knowledge and experience. The role was targeted to recent graduates which was also appealing.

Creating a CV was very useful for me as I knew my previous CV seemed dated and not as professional looking as it probably should. I liked learning what an ideal CV looked like and what should and should not be included. It also gave me a chance to reflect on my key skills and attributes and how I can present these in a way which will look desirable to potential employers. I had also never targeted a CV before, therefore this was helpful as it showed how I can take a broad structure of a CV and adapt certain aspects of it in order to make myself seem more suitable for different types of jobs.

Before now, I had also never created a covering letter. I had never really seen the point before, but now I realise that a covering letter compliments a CV very well. In my covering letter I was able to go into detail on what has motivated me to apply for the job, why I think I am suitable for that particular job and why I feel they should employ me. I feel the covering letter adds a more personal touch to a CV and I will definitely be using this tool in future.

I have attached my targeted CV, my targeted covering letter and the job posting which I have based them both on.

Section 4 – Reflective Summary

In all honesty I have no idea what career I would like to pursue once I have completed my degree in two years. Although Business Management is a subject which interests me, I do not have my heart set on managing my own business or an aspect of another business in future. I chose to study Business Management as I didn’t really know what else to do with myself and felt like going from school straight to university was just a natural and expected path for me to take. I do not regret choosing to do this, however when people ask me what I plan on doing with my degree I am not quite sure what to tell them. Despite not knowing exactly what I want to do in future, there are a few things I am sure of, some of which I have decided after completing my internship.

I am very keen on staying and working in Dundee when I am older. When I was younger I always told myself that I would move away for university and I was very close to focussing my university applications on Edinburgh. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realised how much I didn’t want to leave everyone in Dundee behind. I am a very sociable person and feel very lucky to have the social circle that I do at the moment. I have a very good relationship with my family and a friendship group which I have been close with throughout school and even since leaving. The thought of leaving all of this and moving away really scared me and I couldn’t imagine having to meet new people and try to make new friends. I also had a part-time job at the time with no option for relocation if I was to move away. It was for these reasons that I chose to stay in Dundee, and why I plan on staying here for a while. I have not ruled out working abroad completely, however I would much rather stay here and go on holiday often, than choose to relocate permanently.

One thing my internship at Discover Opportunities has taught me, is that I would like my future career to be very “person-centred”. The thought of the work I do benefiting others is something which really appeals to me, and I’d love to be able to make a difference in peoples’ lives. Experiencing first-hand the work that Discover Opportunities do and the young people they help was incredibly inspirational. Some of the stories we heard about the barriers to employment that these young people are dealing with were harrowing, but the feeling the staff must get from helping get these young people on their feet and into employment must be so rewarding.

My internship has also highlighted to me the organisational culture I would like to work within in future. Discover Opportunities had a very open-plan office where all members of staff could easily interact with each other, should they need to. Although this might sometimes be distracting, due to my extrovert personality, I tend to seek approval of my work from others and I feel I work better when I am able to bounce ideas off my peers. Because of this, I feel I work better as a team than I do when working alone. Discover opportunities consists of a very close-knit team which made the working environment seem less formal and more enjoyable for the staff. This is very appealing to me as I don’t feel that work needs to be boring or repetitive. I feel it is very important that I get along with those I work closely with in future in order to get the best out of my career.